3D Sexuality: A Diorama Experiential

Location: Freed Bodyworks

What if your sexuality were a room that you could enter and explore? Would it be dark or light? Would the walls be textured? Flat? Something in between? Come create your own sexuality diorama and explore your fantasies and desires in a safe, fun, and non-judgmental space. Art is a wonderful way to deepen self-awareness, facilitate useful dialogue, foster a better understanding of how our individual identities and experiences inform our daily existence, and just plain relax and have some right-brain fun! Absolutely no art experience or skill necessary (there’s no wrong way to do it!); just bring yourselves and an open mind!

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Tamara Galinsky

Expressive Therapist, Workshop Creatrix, and Badass Agent of Change.

I support highly curious, successful people on their journey to find the next level of fulfillment. In the work that we’ll do together, you can feel safe and supported as you heal, grow, discover, and learn about your true self.

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