Uncoupling Counseling

Do you want to remain mutually loving and respectful as you navigate the uncoupling process?

Would it help to have an objective third party to help you negotiate terms or resolve painful issues from the past?

Do you want a professional who is affirming of all types of relationships, gender and sexual identities, and family compositions?

Sometimes, despite the best of intentions, it becomes necessary to dissolve a romantic partnership, or otherwise change the nature of your relationship. But just because you’ve decided to go your separate ways doesn’t mean it has to get ugly.


Tamara Galinsky

Expressive Therapist, Workshop Creatrix, and Badass Agent of Change.

I support highly curious, successful people on their journey to find the next level of fulfillment. In the work that we’ll do together, you can feel safe and supported as you heal, grow, discover, and learn about your true self.

Learn more about the work that I do, read more about me, or set up a free 20-minute phone consultation to see how we might vibe together by calling 202-579-9567 or emailing.